Automatic 3 or 4 Sides Sachet Sealing Packing Machine

  • Automatic 3 or 4 Sides Sachet Sealing Packing Machine
  • Automatic 3 or 4 Sides Sachet Sealing Packing Machine
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compressed bottle speed
15-25 Cans/min
Japan Mitsubishi





1.  Control system with Chinese, English and Russian display screen, stainless steel body, after the parameters (filling amount and length of bag) are set at the display setting unit ,the control system will automatically optimize and match the actions, thus achieving best packing speed.controlled by step motor ,the ststem features with high precision ,and the length of the bag can be accurately changed without adjusting other parts.It achieves complete logo when packaging color mark packing materials

2. The paper feeding part applies dead-weight motor paper pressing and conveying structure, the paper conveying length is extended one time, with flat bag making and no side mismatch. The speed and length of bag achieve stepless adjustment, the packing speed and bag length can be adjusted in the rated range, needless replacing parts.

3. Unique in-laid embeded mouth sealing, enhanced hot sealing mechanism, intelligent temperature control by temperature controller, featuring good head balance, good packing performance, low noise, clear sealing texture and strong sealing performance.

4.   Rotating rolling knife cutting mechanism, achieving straight line-shaped cutting pattern cutting and straight line-shaped continuous cutting, the cutter features stable and reliable with easy operation in cutting bag.




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