Never Miss a Moment: Live Soccer Broadcasts with 축구중계

Relish the Excitement of Live Soccer Broadcast with 축구중계

Imagine enjoying your favorite soccer match from the comfort of your home – feels exciting, doesn’t it? Well, 축구중계 makes that dream come true.

What is 축구중계?

In the simplest terms, 축구중계 refers to the live broadcast of soccer matches. It is a haven for soccer enthusiasts who don’t want to miss a single moment of their favorite sport. Regardless of where you are, 축구중계 ensures that every soccer move is just a click away.

Why Choose 축구중계?

Choosing as your soccer companion comes with an array of perks. It gives you real-time access to a diverse range of soccer matches. Plus, its superior streaming quality assures an unbeatable viewing experience. And the icing on the cake? 축구중계 provides in-depth analysis and professional commentary to ensure a holistic soccer experience.

Experience Convenience with 축구중계

One of the biggest benefits of is its convenience. It’s easily accessible from anywhere at any time, even from your smartphone. So, whether you’re traveling or waiting for your coffee, 축구중계 lets you stay connected with your favorite soccer matches.

Wrap up

In conclusion, 축구중계 is the perfect platform for every soccer enthusiast. With its live broadcasts, detailed analyses, and exceptional streaming quality, it provides a soccer viewing experience like no other.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are the live broadcasts on 축구중계 free?

While some matches could be free, others might require a subscription.

2. Can I access 축구중계 from anywhere?

Absolutely, 축구중계 can be accessed worldwide.

3. What kind of soccer matches does 축구중계 cover?

축구중계 covers an extensive range of soccer matches – both nationally and globally.

4. Is 축구중계 accessible on mobile devices?

Yes, 축구중계 can be accessed across multiple devices, including smartphones.

5. Apart from live broadcasts, does 축구중계 offer anything else?

축구중계 also offers detailed analyses and professional commentary for an enhanced soccer experience.…

How to turn off lights on a Razer keyboard-and-solve related problems

How to Turn Off Lights on a Razer Keyboard

Backlighting has become a popular feature for laptops, but it can also be distracting or annoying. This wikiHow will show you how to turn off the lights on your Razer keyboard.

Many people have complained that their Razer lights stay on even after they have turned off their computer. This problem can be very frustrating, especially if you are using your laptop for gaming.

How to Turn Off the Lights on Your Razer Keyboard

The lights on your keyboard can be fun to look at, but they can also be a bit distracting. Thankfully, there are several ways to turn off the backlight on your Razer keyboard.

Many gaming keyboards feature a customizable RGB lighting system that can be controlled by the user through a dedicated button or software application. These programs allow users to control the backlights on their keyboards, as well as change the color and brightness of the light.

There are a few different reasons why your Razer keyboard may not be turning off the lights when locked. One possibility is that your computer’s power settings are set to save energy, which can turn off the backlights on your keyboard.

Another possibility is that your keyboard’s USB connection or wireless connection may be unstable, which can cause problems with the scroll lock indicator light. In either case, you can try restarting your device and reinstalling the latest drivers for your keyboard.

1. Use the Synapse Software

The Synapse software is a proprietary system from Razer that serves to configure all the company’s hardware. It comes in the form of a pre-installed program on a number of razer laptops, but it’s also available for PC users.

Some keyboards have a dedicated button that allows you to turn off the backlight. You’ll typically find these buttons stamped with a sun icon with rays, although this can vary from model to model.

In order to use this feature, you’ll need to open the Synapse software on your computer. Once you have done this, you can adjust your lighting options within the software until it’s how you want it to be. This is one of the best ways to make sure that your keyboard lights are working properly.

2. Use the Fn + F11 Key Shortcut

F11 is a function key that is used for many different things depending on the computer and program. It usually opens or closes full screen mode in modern Internet browsers. However, it can also be used to add a new sheet in Microsoft Excel or create a chart from selected data.

Some keyboards have a special button that can be used to turn off the lights. This is often a padlock icon with the word “Fn” written next to it, though it can vary between manufacturers and models.

This button will typically disable the standard F1 through F12 function keys, so you can only use their secondary functions. However, if you’re using a computer that supports it, you can use the System Preferences option to enable the Fn + F1 through F12 keys to work in their normal way. This will return the keys to their default function of improving your productivity, like adjusting volume or muting audio.

3. Turn Off the Lights in Windows

There’s no one way to turn off the lights on a Razer keyboard, as this depends on the hardware and software you’re using. Some keyboards have a built-in feature that automatically disables the lights when your computer is locked, while others require you to install a third-party app.

The best option for most users is to use the Razer Synapse software. It’s a robust program that can control your gaming keyboard, mouse, and headset. It also includes Chroma game integration, which can synchronize lighting effects with your in-game actions, such as turning red when you take damage or blue when you recharge your shields.

Keeping your Razer software and hardware updated can help improve performance and compatibility with different operating systems. Check the manufacturer’s website for any available updates and download them if you’re having problems. You can also visit the community forums for assistance from other users.

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Exploring the Hiring Process in the Korean Online Betting Industry.

The Dynamics of Hiring in Toto Sites

The Korean online betting universe is steadily expanding, and the hasn’t been left behind. They are consistently searching for talented individuals to join their ranks and drive their vision forward, but what does the hiring process in Toto Sites involve?

Understanding the 토토사이트 구인 Sector

The 토토사이트 구인 is a major sector in the online betting industry, notably in Korea. 회사 나 회사 마다 그들 자신의 선호하는 인재상이 다르고, 그렇기 때문에 토토사이트 컴퍼니는 다양한 아이디어를 제공하는 창의적인 사람들을 즐겨 찾는다. Notably, firms hunt for individuals with strong ethical concerns due to the delicate nature of the betting industry.

Hiring Process within the 토토사이트 구인

The 토토사이트 구인 sector has a stringent hiring process that involves several stages. Firstly, candidates submit their applications online. This is followed by a screening process where unsuitable candidates are weeded out. Selected applicants then undergo interviews, and finally, successful applicants are thoroughly trained to fit into their respective roles perfectly.

Qualities of Desired Candidates

토토사이트 구인 values candidates who are dynamic, adaptable, and have a deep comprehension of the betting industry. Moreover, having a strong ethical background and a positive attitude towards problem-solving is an added advantage.


토토사이트 구인 is constantly on the look-out for potential candidates that can adequately fill their ranks. By understanding their processes and the qualities they look for in potential employees, aspirants can effectively prepare themselves for the journey ahead.

FAQs about 토토사이트 구인

Q1. What does 토토사이트 구인 mean?
A1. 토토사이트 구인 is a Korean term that refers to the recruitment of staff by Toto Sites or online betting sites.

Q2. How can one apply to 토토사이트 구인?
A2. Interested individuals can visit the various 토토사이트 websites and submit their applications online.

Q3. What qualities does 토토사이트 구인 look for in candidates?
A3. 토토사이트 구인 looks for dynamic, ethical, problem-solving, and adaptable individuals with a deep understanding of the betting world.

Q4. Are there career growth opportunities in 토토사이트 구인?
A4. Yes, career advancement opportunities are prevalent in the 토토사이트 구인 industry depending upon your role and performance.

Q5. Does the 토토사이트 구인 sector have a strict hiring process?
A5. Yes, the 토토사이트 구인 sector has a stringent hiring process to ensure they recruit the most suitable individuals.…

Quick Solutions to Turning Off the Flashlight on Your iPhone 6

How to Turn Off the Light on Your iPhone 6

You might be surprised to learn that your iPhone’s flashlight can be turned on accidentally. Even worse, a light left on for too long can drain your device’s battery.

Opening the Control Center and fumbling for the right icon to turn it off might seem like too many steps to take. Thankfully, there are several quick solutions to this problem.

How to Turn Off the Light on iPhone 6

The flashlight is an important feature on the iPhone that can be used for a number of reasons, such as finding your keys in the dark or taking a picture in low light. However, the flashlight can also be a bit of a nuisance if it is constantly turning on and off or if you don’t know how to turn it off.

There are several ways to turn off the flashlight on an iPhone, but the easiest way is to use the Control Center. This can be accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen (iPhone 5s – 8) or by sliding down on the iPhone X. Once the Control Center opens, you can tap on the flashlight icon to turn it off.

Another way to turn off the flashlight is to perform a factory reset. This is a more extreme solution but should resolve any software issues that may be causing the flashlight to malfunction.

1. Swipe Up from the Bottom

If you need to turn off the flashlight on your iPhone but don’t want to unlock the device, there are a few different ways that you can do it. One way is to use Siri, which works on any iPhone that supports “Hey Siri” and has the feature enabled.

Another way is to use the Back Tap feature, which was introduced in iOS 14 and lets you perform a series of actions with just a few taps on the back of your iPhone. You can even set up a Shortcut (described in Tip #4 above) to trigger this gesture, which can turn off your flashlight for you.

If you don’t have either of these options available to you, you can also try tapping the power button. However, this method can be problematic if your phone is already locked or has a cracked screen. If this is the case, try connecting your iPhone to a computer and running UltFone iOS System Repair (ReiBoot). This software will enter recovery mode automatically, so you won’t need to worry about your device becoming unresponsive.

2. Press the Power Button

Whether you’re searching for your keys in the dark after a night out or looking under the couch for a remote, the iPhone’s flashlight is a handy feature. But it’s easy to turn it on by accident, and it can be a real pain to shut it off again. Luckily, there’s an easy way to do it: the Control Center.

You can access the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom for older iPhone models or swipe down on the screen for the newer iPhone X and higher. Once you’re in the Control Center, tap on the flashlight button.

This will open a settings page where you can change your flashlight preferences. You can set the flashlight to always turn on when you press the button or turn it off after a period of time. You can also set the flashlight to only work when your phone is on silent. This way, you can use your flashlight for notifications without disturbing anyone.

3. Press the Home Button

If you’re having trouble turning off the flashlight on your iPhone, there are a few things you can try. One option is to restart your phone. Many software problems can be fixed by simply restarting the device. Another option is to restore a previous backup of your phone. This will reset many of the temporary settings that may cause problems with certain apps and features.

Finally, you can also try using Siri to turn off the flashlight on your iPhone. Just press the home button and say “Hey Siri, turn off flashlight.”

You can also use a feature called Back Tap to set up a shortcut that will activate the flashlight when you double or triple-tap on the back of your iPhone. To configure Back Tap, open the Settings app and navigate to the Accessibility section. Select the Back Tap entry and choose from the options on the next screen. In this case, you’ll want to choose either Double Tap or Triple Tap.

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Disabling LED Flash Notification on iPhone: Distracting, Battery Drain, Personal Preference, Privacy Concerns

How to Turn Off LED Flash Notification on Your iPhone

Many iPhone owners have enabled LED flash notifications, which are brief light flashes that occur when you receive certain types of alerts. However, this feature can be distracting or disturbing in certain settings.

The process of disabling these light notifications is simple and straightforward. This wikiHow will teach you how to do it!

1. Distracting

The flashing of the LED (LED Flash) light on your iPhone when you receive a notification can be distracting. Depending on your needs and preferences, this feature may not be necessary for you. If you want to minimize distractions and promote a more focused user experience, disabling the LED flash notification is a simple option that can be done through your phone’s settings.

The feature was originally intended to be an accessibility setting for hearing-impaired individuals, but many people find it annoying and disruptive. It can be especially troublesome if you are using your phone in low-light environments, as the bright flashes can disturb your sleep or cause eye strain. Additionally, the constant flashing can drain your battery more quickly than normal. Fortunately, you can disable this feature by going to your iPhone’s settings and selecting the “Accessibility” menu. From there, tap the “LED Flash for Alerts” switch to turn it off. This will prevent your iPhone from flashing when you receive a call, text message, or app notification.

2. Battery Drain

The bright flashes of the LED light when receiving notifications can be distracting or uncomfortable. In addition, they can drain the battery more quickly. This is especially true if you receive many notifications throughout the day or use apps that frequently send notifications.

Although the notification light feature was originally designed as an accessibility setting for hearing-impaired individuals, it can be a nuisance for non-hearing impaired users as well. If you find the flashing notification lights to be bothersome, you can disable them in your iPhone settings.

Disabling the LED flash for alerts will not affect any other notification settings you have configured for your app. Your iPhone will still display notifications on the lock screen, play sounds and vibrate when they are received. However, you should consider adjusting your notification settings or closing unnecessary apps to further conserve your battery power. Using a reliable fast 20W charger such as this Apple or UGREEN can also help you get more mileage out of your phone between charges.

3. Personal Preference

The LED flash that comes with text message notifications can be distracting, especially in a dark environment or when your phone is set to silent. Fortunately, this feature can be disabled to help improve your iPhone experience.

If you find the LED flash notification annoying or disruptive, it’s easy to disable this setting by heading to your device settings and accessing the audio/visual menu. This option is located under the Hearing category in your accessibility settings, and it’s as simple as toggling the LED flash for alerts switch off.

Disabling this setting will not affect any other features or functions on your iPhone, so you’ll still be able to use other notification options like sound and vibrations. Additionally, it will not affect any other accessibility settings that may utilize the camera flash. The only exception to this is when using the flashlight app, as this will continue to function as normal. This is a great way to improve your iPhone experience and tailor it to your own personal preference.

4. Privacy Concerns

When enabled, the iPhone’s LED flashes when you receive notifications such as incoming calls and messages. It is a convenient feature for some individuals who might not be able to hear audible alerts in noisy or crowded environments. However, it can also be distracting or annoying for other users. Additionally, the light can reveal your notifications to people around you if it is turned on in public.

To reduce distractions and annoyances, you can turn off the LED flash for notifications. This will not impact other notification settings such as banner notifications, lock screen notifications or Control Center. Likewise, disabling this option does not affect the ability to use the LED flash as a flashlight or in video recording. You can still customize your notifications with sound, vibration or other options in the Settings app. Nevertheless, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of using this feature to decide whether it is appropriate for you.

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Experience the Thrilling World of NBA중계

NBA중계: A Thrilling Reality in Sports

Experience the tension and passion of professional basketball games with NBA중계. For passionate supporters, the NBA중계 is a vital gateway for watching stunning rebounds, three-point shots, and unforgettable fast breaks.

What You Need to Know About NBA중계

NBA중계 is, in essence, the Korean phrase for NBA broadcasts. It enables fans to keep up with their favourite teams and players, regardless of their location. Giving precedence to NBA중계 can supplement your enthusiasm for the game and keep you well informed about ongoing games.

The Perks of NBA중계

Why is NBA중계 something you should invest in? Because it delivers consistent, high-quality broadcasts straight to your screen. NBA중계 offers a variety of options to suit your viewing preferences. Whether you want highlights of an important game or full-length broadcasts of epic playoff matches, NBA중계 has all your viewing needs covered.

A Different Way of Experiencing NBA

Have you ever wondered why NBA broadcasts are such a big deal? NBA중계 heightens your NBA experience to a whole new level. It is not merely about watching basketball – it’s about feeling the energy, witnessing the proficiency, and sharing the thrill right from your screen.

Where to Watch NBA중계?

There are various platforms for NBA중계 like MonacoKTV. It is a trusted and popular NBA중계 site that ensures reliable and high-quality broadcasts.


NBA중계 is your ticket to experiencing the fervour of professional basketball from home. With accessible and flexible viewing options, you no longer have to fret about missing out on any of the action. Rest assured, NBA중계 brings the court to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does NBA중계 mean?

NBA중계 means NBA broadcasts in Korean.

Why is NBA중계 important?

NBA중계 allows fans to watch and stay updated about their favourite teams and players on the go.

Where can I watch NBA중계?

You can watch NBA중계 on various platforms like MonacoKTV.

Does NBA중계 only show live games?

Not only live games, NBA중계 also offers highlights and replays.

Is NBA중계 free?

While some platforms offer NBA중계 for free, others might require a subscription.…

Unraveling the Enigma of Evolution Powerball Site

Understanding the Evolution Powerball Site

The 에별루션파워볼 사이트 or Evolution Powerball Site, is an online platform that allows enthusiasts to participate in the world-renowned game of Powerball. But what exactly is it, and why has it garnered such a vast following?

The Phenomenon of Powerball

When it comes to lottery games, Powerball reigns supreme at a global level due to the significant jackpots up for grabs, leading to the establishment of online platforms like . The thrill of winning, the accessibility and the real-time play action have contributed to Powerball’s substantial fan base, further facilitating its transition to the digital realm.

The Convenience of 에별루션파워볼 사이트

On the , you are presented with a clean interface that mimics the nuances of the actual game. This multi-lingual platform allows round the clock access, enabling you to participate irrespective of geographical or time constraints.

Is 에별루션파워볼 사이트 Safe?

As with all digital platforms, the question of safety arises. Rest assured, the 에별루션파워볼 사이트 ensures utmost safety, employing the latest encryption technologies to secure your data and transactions.

In Conclusion

In essence, 에별루션파워볼 사이트 embodies the modern-day convenience of participating in Powerball, regardless of your global location or language understanding. Backed by sophisticated tech infrastructure, it guarantees a safe and seamless experience alongside the thrills of the traditional Powerball game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the 에별루션파워볼 사이트 available in multiple languages?
Yes, it is a multilingual platform.

2. Can I access the 에별루션파워볼 사이트 round the clock?
Absolutely! The platform operates 24/7.

3. Will my personal data be secure on the 에별루션파워볼 사이트?
Yes, the site uses advanced encryption technologies ensuring data security.

4. Does the 에별루션파워볼 사이트 mimic the real-life Powerball game?
Yes, its interface carefully replicates the nuances of the actual Powerball game.

5. Why should I choose the 에별루션파워볼 사이트 over other platforms?
It offers a seamless, global, multilingual experience alongside secure transactions, making it a top choice amongst enthusiasts.…

Unparalleled Gaming Experience: Discover the Thrills of Evolution Powerball

Explore Evolution Powerball: An Unparalleled Gaming Experience

Do you love online gaming? Are you constantly on the lookout adventure and exhilaration through your screen? If so, then let’s take an exciting journey through the enthralling world of Evolution Powerball.

An Overview of 에볼루션파워볼 사이트

The Evolution Powerball website is a universe unto its own, filled with adrenaline-pumping games and thrilling opportunities. Prepare to immerse yourself in the heart of the action. This mega-popular, Korean platform is your one-stop solution for playing the exciting powerball game online.

The Appeal of 에볼루션파워볼 사이트

What’s the catch about the platform, you ask? Apart from its user-friendly interface and captivating graphic designs, the appeal lies in its revolutionary gaming environment that promotes fair gameplay and features unmatchable rewards. It’s the perfect combination of suspense, thrill, and potential financial gain that has gamers hooked!

Navigating Through 에볼루션파워볼 사이트

The is designed with the utmost convenience in mind. With a simple registration process and easy navigation, even the most novice gamers can start playing in no time. Plus, their comprehensive guide and resources help you understand the intricacies of Powerball!

The Final Verdict on 에볼루션파워볼 사이트

In conclusion, the promises an engaging and potentially rewarding gaming experience. So, why wait? Dive into the exciting world of Powerball and transform your gaming experience today!


Is the 에볼루션파워볼 사이트 trustworthy?

Absolutely! The site is renowned for its transparency and credibility, ensuring a fair and secure gaming environment.

How can I start playing on the 에볼루션파워볼 사이트?

It’s simple! Visit the website, register, and start your exhilarating journey.

Does the 에볼루션파워볼 사이트 offer any bonuses?

Yes, the site provides various bonuses and reward schemes to keep the gaming experience even more exciting.

What is the success rate on the 에볼루션파워볼 사이트?

The success rate on the site varies depending on each player’s skill and strategy. It’s all part of the fun!

Is the 에볼루션파워볼 사이트 available globally?

While it’s a popular choice in Korea, the site is available for players worldwide. Game on!…

The Lifespan and Efficiency of Different Types of Light Bulbs

How Long Can a Light Stay on?

The light bulbs in your home emit countless photons. These photons are then reflected and absorbed by objects in your room, lighting up the space.

Operating lighting fixtures uses a small amount of electricity, measured in kWh, which is added to your household energy usage. So how long can a light stay on without wasting energy?

Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are used for many purposes, from lighting a room to signaling an electronic device is on. Billions of them are in use around the world. They are typically made of glass and contain a filament that glows when electric current passes through it.

Most electric bulbs are filled with a gas such as argon or nitrogen to reduce the amount of convective loss in the filament, but the earliest bulbs were not filled with anything at all. The tungsten in these bulbs would become very hot and burn up quickly in regular air.

The life time hours listed on a bulb’s packaging are usually tested under ideal conditions, so they may be longer or shorter in real-world situations. Some other factors that affect the performance of a bulb are electrical surges, extreme cold, and vibration.


Halogen bulbs are a popular upgrade from traditional incandescent lightbulbs. They last longer than traditional bulbs, and are more energy efficient as well. In fact, halogen bulbs can produce anywhere from 12 to 29 lumens per watt of power, while traditional incandescent lightbulbs only offer up to 18 lumens per watt of power.

Halogens are nonmetallic elements with an outer shell that contains seven valence electrons. Because they are more electronegative than oxygen, halogens can easily gain an electron from another substance to satisfy the octet rule. This results in the formation of compounds with that other substance, including metal halides, which have similar properties as their parent element.

In a halogen light bulb, a tungsten filament is placed inside a heat-resistant envelope filled with halogen gas. When an electrical charge is applied, the filament heats up to about 2,500 degrees Celsius and emits light. In most cases, halogen lamps are mixed with a noble gas such as krypton or xenon to reduce their chemical reactivity.


CFLs use less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and last about 10 times longer. Replacing just one 60-watt bulb with a 13-watt CFL saves the average household $30 in energy costs over its lifetime.

CFL light output is proportional to the phosphor surface area, so it takes time for them to reach full brightness after being switched on. Bare spirals typically take a minute to achieve their rated lumen output, although some premium CFLs are much quicker. Decorative cover styles, including globes and reflector shapes, have slower warm-up times – up to three minutes.

Unlike incandescent bulbs, which emit visible light as they burn, CFLs produce invisible ultraviolet radiation that excites the phosphor coating inside the tube to make it glow. This can cause discomfort for some people, particularly those with lupus or other auto-immune diseases who are sensitive to UV. CFLs also emit some levels of HF (radiofrequency) electromagnetic fields. Health Canada has determined that the EMFs produced by CFLs are negligible at 20 centimeters from the source and in line with international scientific guidelines.


LEDs use a special conductive material (typically aluminum-gallium-arsenide) to create photons that the human eye sees as light. Different types of LEDs are designed with lenses or reflectors to either concentrate the light in a small spot or spread it out over a wide area.

While LEDs can be left on for days, they still need to be turned off when not needed. They generate very little heat which makes them less likely to create a fire hazard or burn someone when touched. Their cooler running temperature also limits the amount of internal damage that can occur if they are cycled often like other bulbs.

Like other types of lighting, LEDs do not burn out but they will gradually lose their brightness over time. This is due to thermal management; the faster an LED is able to dissipate its heat, the longer it will last. You can control an LED’s brightness by adjusting the current it draws.

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Conserving Energy and Saving Money: The Importance of Turning Off Lights

Why Turning Off Lights Is Important

Many people believe that turning off lights is important to save energy and reduce the electricity bill. In fact, rapidly switching light bulbs on and off actually lowers the operating life of any type of bulb.

Truelove et al. [16] found that participants preferred turning off lights above many other pro-environmental behaviors, including improving light bulb efficiency.


From an environmental standpoint, turning off lights conserves energy. This reduces the demand for power which helps conserve finite natural resources such as trees, coal, and oil. It also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change.

For example, one 40-watt light bulb switched off for an hour will save.06 kilowatt hours of electricity. To determine how much that is worth, simply look at your most recent electric bill, find out what the cost per kilowatt hour is, and multiply by the number of hours the light was turned off.

Interestingly, when participants were asked to recommend the single most effective thing they currently do or could do to save energy, turning off lights was by far the most popular answer. However, replacing inefficient bulbs with efficient ones would actually be more effective for saving energy than simply turning off the lights. These two behaviors should be promoted simultaneously to maximize effectiveness.


Aside from the obvious benefits to the environment, turning off lights is also one of the best ways to conserve energy and save money on electricity bills. Whether the lights are on or off, they’re still sucking up electricity. The more you keep them off, the less you’ll pay each month on your electricity plan from electricity retailers.

The amount of electricity you suck per light bulb depends on the type of bulb and how often it’s used. Incandescent bulbs, for instance, are relatively inefficient and only about 10%-15% of the energy they consume results in light. On the other hand, halogen and energy-efficient compact fluorescent or light emitting diode (LED) bulbs use far less energy than incandescents.

When calculating the cost-effectiveness of keeping a light on, you’ll want to take into account your electricity price per kilowatt hour, which can be found on your most recent electric bill. Generally speaking, you’ll save money by keeping a light off for an hour or more.


In addition to energy savings, turning off lights can help you sleep better. Studies have shown that light exposure at night can inhibit the brain’s ability to reach the deepest stages of sleep, which has a range of negative health consequences.

Incandescent and halogen bulbs are the least energy efficient, with 90% of their electricity being given off as heat and only 10% resulting in light. Turning these off whenever you’re not using them can save a lot of energy, especially when compared to more energy-efficient compact fluorescent lights and light emitting diode bulbs.

Some people worry that switching off lights can use more electricity, since some types of bulbs need a little extra power to start up. However, this “inrush current” only lasts for 1/120th of a second and uses the same amount of energy as only a few seconds of normal operation. In fact, in a study of 74 pro-environmental behaviors, participants ranked turning off the lights as being the lowest in financial and behavioral cost [16]. A habit of turning off lights can go a long way to saving money and energy.


Turning off lights is one of the easiest ways to protect the environment. This simple act reduces carbon dioxide emissions, which contribute to global warming. It also helps extend the life of light bulbs. All bulbs have a nominal or rated operating life, which is reduced the more often they are switched on and off.

In fact, turning off lights can significantly prolong the lifespan of incandescent light bulbs. This is because the light bulb uses 90% of its energy for heating, while only 10% results in actual lighting. It is even more important to switch off lights when not in use for other types of bulbs, such as halogen and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) or LEDs.

When participants were asked to rank 74 pro-environmental behaviors on two dimensions—cost and environmental impact/savings—turning off the lights was one of their top three choices, along with recycling and switching to energy efficient light bulbs. This indicates that turning off the lights is still a popular and effective way to conserve energy.

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